Celebrating The Now – again…

….”It’s so much easier to be happy, It’s so much easier to choose to love the things you have… and you have so much…instead of always yearning for what you’re missing or what it is that you imaging you’re missing. It is so much more peaceful”. Meryl Streep One True Thing

Last Thursday March 23rd forever changed our lives. My husband’s youngest brother passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly. There are no words that can adequately describe the range of emotions, questions and pain that floods your soul upon hearing of such a loss. It was and is one of tremendous magnitude as my husband and his brothers loved each other dearly. Today we find ourselves in California preparing to say our final goodbyes and the shock and disbelief is as prevalent as the moment we heard the news. As I sat and pondered life, mortality and everything in between, I was reminded of my very first blog post: Celebrating the NOW.                                                                                                               
Life is fragile and we simply don’t know the number of days we are allotted to live on this earth. We must with all effort and good conscience strive to live life to the fullest, to celebrate today, and to live in the NOW.
Each day that we awaken, that we arise from our slumber we have been given a gift from God. A gift that is to be cherished, honored and fully used. How many of you have ever given your child a cherished gift, one in which you put a great deal of planning into, only to have them dismiss it as something trivial?
What if you know this gift is perfect for them even though they don’t know it themselves. Imagine that you’ve even taken great care to add lots of little hidden gifts within the gift. Some of those veiled gifts may be disguised under the wrappings of hardship or trials but if they looked closely they would have seen the sparkle of the jewels those gifts held.
What if you did all of this only to have them open it up and treat it as nothing. Casting it to the side, rushing to get that gift over with so they could open the next gift and see what it held because they are sure it holds something better. Little did they know had they cherished the gift at hand, had they looked at it a little closer they would have saw the priceless beauty it held. They would have seen the love you poured into that gift, designed specifically with them in mind.
This how the Father orders our days; he plans each day of our lives strategically and uniquely for us. My day is not designed identical to yours no matter how similar they may be. There are hidden gift in my day that are different from the gifts hidden within yours. You may hold in your gifting the strength to help me get through the wrappings of the trial held in mine. I may hold the gift of encouragement to speak over you as you embrace the gift of sorrow buried in your day.
However if we rush our days, so anxious to get to the next one because we re sure it holds something better we miss those priceless gems the Father has graced us with. The older I get the more I realize life is not meant to be rushed but to be savored, tasted, thoroughly lived.
The word of God tells us more than once that we are not to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will worry about itself. Instead we are to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to us. (Matthew 6:33-34)
If we take time to savor today, to celebrate the now, to embrace those who we love today, take time to be loved today we would be so much more enriched and on that day that we leave this earth how much more will the lives we leave behind be enriched?
Dear Well Watered Women of God I strongly encourage you to live in the now, celebrate the now, love in the now. Take time to celebrate the people in your life NOW, love them NOW, tomorrow might be to late.
While we know Kenneth now rests in the arms of the Father his life left a legecy of living in the now. To hear the stories and testimonies of all he reached, touched and impacted is heart warming. He lived his life in the NOW, living fully and pouring out onto others. His passing while bittersweet -knowing he is with the Lord – gives us an opportunity to do as he did, live in and for the NOW, knowing so clearly that tomorrow is not promised.
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