Elective Surgery

Definition of Elective surgery
Elective surgery: Surgery that is subject to choice (election). The choice may be made by the patient or doctor.
For example, the time when a surgical procedure is performed may be elective. The procedure is beneficial to the patient but does not need be done at a particular time.
As opposed to urgent or emergency surgery.

I have a confession to make, I have a fear of surgery. I have no idea where this fear comes from since I’ve never had surgery.
Well… there was the little matter of that emergency c-section with my second son, but other than that I’ve never had surgery.
When faced with the possibility of having an operation, the thought of surgery would strike pure terror into my innermost being and the idea of having elective surgery was inconceivable.
I could not fathom why anyone would ever opt to have surgery done as an “elective” procedure. To make a conscience decision to readily allow yourself to be cut open and worked on was just beyond me. In my mind, whatever the reason for elective surgery, it couldn’t be that serious otherwise it wouldn’t be elective right?

Having had time to mature and grow in my walk I’ve discovered surgery is a good thing. The definition of elective surgery says the choice may be made by the patient or the doctor.
No good doctor opts for surgery unless it is absolutely for your benefit, to provide you with the best health and optimum life possible. This is what the Lord wants for us, our best spiritual health and to have us live our life to the fullest potential possible while we are on the earth.

By now I’m sure you are wondering why I’m talking about surgery? You see, I was in need of corrective surgery earlier in my walk, however I was not open to allowing the Lord to perform it. This surgery was necessary and vital to my spiritual life. Initially the surgery was elective, I had a choice to allow the Father to do what needed to be done so that I could thrive for and in the Kingdom.
After prolonging the inevitable the choice soon become the Lord’s and because of His divine grace I am alive to tell you about it.

Like most Christians I did not come into the kingdom of God empty handed, I came with baggage, baggage that somehow had become part of me. I had carried it for so long it had meshed with the very essence of who I was and it needed to be removed. When I came to the foot of the cross I soon found God not only wanted to save me, he also wanted to change me, to change my life completely.
My initial reaction to change was to attempt to pick and choose the areas I wanted changed. Yes Lord you can have that but you can’t take this. Please remove this from my life, but just leave that safely tucked away. I want to be healed but I don’t want you to do the open heart surgery that is required to pluck up the root. I’m sure someone here can identify…

Little did I know, by not allowing the Lord to work on these areas I was hindering my progress and growth in Him. I was growing stagnant and weak in my walk. Despite the need for change I continued to strive in my own strength and power. Oh sure I noticed the limp in my walk but hey, I was still making progress right? Oh yeah, the crippled mouth was still there but at least I could smile through the ugly curve right? I was like the little engine that could, I was determined to make it on my own. I prayed, I praised, I was super saint (yeah right) but even in my weaknesses I did not fully seek the Lord for healing, for change or for deliverance, until I felt the spiritual life being choked out of me from the junk that I was so desperately hanging on to. In the natural I had a tendency to not go to the doctor until I felt I was 2 days from death. Without being aware of it, I had brought that same mentality with me into the Kingdom of God. I resisted going to the doctor for fear they would want to operate, I resisted going to the Father for fear he was going to operate. A small thing that could have been removed through elective surgery had grown and festered into something that required immediate and urgent surgery to restore my spiritual life.

Once my eyes where opened and I was able to see the damage that I was causing to my own walk, I ran to the one who could truly make me whole. No longer bound by the chains and reckless fears of my life, I sought out the master physician, the one who could do the work I so desperately needed. It was at the place where I allowed the Lord to pour on the balm of Gilead, to remove my stony heart and indeed put in a heart of flesh. It was in that place that I made whole. At that place on that operating table otherwise known as that alter I chose to lay down every sin and weight that was so easily besetting me. It was at this place that the healing came and life opened up in a brand new way. I was restored, refreshed and renewed in my spirit.

Jesus came that we can have life, and that we might have it more abundantly. It is His desire that we are free from all things that hinder our walk and cause our spiritual walk to be less than.
While I still have an aversion to natural surgery, the process of spiritual surgery no longer frightens me. I am open for change, correction and general spiritual overhauls.

Exam your hearts today, see if there are things that you may be holding on too, that can hinder your walk with the Father. If you find any hindrances I encourage you today to take them to the foot of the cross and allow the Lord to have his way. Choose or in this case elect to have your heart changed, your life freed and made whole.

Until next time,

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