Fresh Eyes…

Friday was a big day for us, all 4 of my children had eye appointments with the optometrist.
I knew my oldest daughter needed new glasses as she could barely see out of her old pair. I figured the other 3 were okay and would pass their exams just fine, boy was I wrong!!!
As it turns out my oldest son has a slight astigmatism and needed glasses. My second son is farsighted and he needs glasses. My youngest daughter was also in need of glasses, bifocals to be exact.
A friend who works for the doctor noticed my squinting as I filled out the mounds of paperwork required when you take 4 kids in at the same time.
She remarked that I needed to be seeing the doctor myself and within minutes, she had a chart going and me in the examination chair.

I thought I would get the exam and everything would be fine. I did use reading glasses to help bring things into focus on occasion but other than that, my sight seemed good to me. As it turned out, that was not the case; the exam revealed I needed glasses and bifocals at that.

Looking through the optometrist tools my vision became crystal clear, revealing just how okay my vision was NOT! After figuring out the exact prescription for my lenses and then having me look through them, it was like looking at life through fresh eyes.
The clarity was amazing, the small things that were all of a sudden in focus was astonishing. I had gone so long like this that I didn’t realize all that I was missing. I also noticed the oppressive headache I had walked into the office with vanished almost immediately.

When the doctor removed the lenses, my world fell out of focus and the headache returned. Leaving the doctors office my eyes quickly begin to readjust to seeing at a lesser level. It was remarkable just how quickly my vision returned to what had been normal prior to the appointment, only this time I was aware of the fact that there is a better way for me to see.

As we left the doctors office I thought about how off my vision had been without my even realizing it. Here I was going along in my every day life not seeing, as I ought.
The more I thought about it the more I thought about my spiritual eyes. Before Jesus, I thought my life was fine. After hearing the good news of the Gospel, I realized just how okay my life wasn’t.
I realized how much I was missing and how much I needed a savior, no not just a savior I needed THE Savior.
Having been born again, blood washed and redeemed I could as the song says, see clearly now! Being called out of darkness into His marvelous light, I was able to see the oppression I had been under. As much as I thought I was all right, truthfully I was not. The bible says there is a way that seems right unto a man but that way ends in death.
I understood and yet understand that it is not always about what I think is right, or what seems right to me. My rightness must be measured by the word of God, because his ways lead to life and that more abundantly.

I also realized the importance of regular examinations both physical and spiritual.
I thought I was fine but was not. Yes I could still see but not with the clarity that I once had.
This made me think of how important it is to stay focused in my walk with the Lord. To take the time to study the Word, spend time in prayer.
I can’t take a chance with my spiritual vision. 1st Corinthians 13:12 says; I know that now I see through a glass darkly but then when I see Him face to face I shall know. Right now my judgment is off without the Father, things that I may think is right may be things that are pulling me away from Him. When I spend time with Him in Prayer and studying it is like putting on my spiritual glasses and seeing things with fresh eyes.

As I’m typing this I’m thinking wow, I can see better already and I haven’t even picked up my glasses yet. LOL

As I leave you, I want to encourage you Well Watered Women to have your vision checked – spiritual that is. Make sure you are still seeing straight and staying the course the Father has laid before you.

Until next time,

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