It’s Housekeeping Time!

During my time of prayer and study I came to Titus 2:5 where the words keeper at home struck me in a way that it hadn’t before.
As I meditated on being a keeper at home, something in me wanted to know exactly what this means.

For most, if not all of us we’ve heard the definition of a keeper at home and we strive to live it out. The uplifting of our homes, husbands, children, keeping house and more. These things are true, right and good. They are of God and are His will for us as women, wives and mothers. These are standards and guidelines that we are to follow if we want to be the best possible blessing to our homes. I totally get the “Home-Keeper” aspect of being a keeper at home and follow in it’s direction, but something in my spirit felt there was more.

Personally speaking for me, it doesn’t take 5 scriptures, 3 missionaries and 2 church mothers to “lead” me to keep my house. Common sense says that I need to do that and if common sense doesn’t, then the rats and roaches that will take over an unkempt home surely will. So what was missing? What is the “more” that I needed to find out.

The scriptures instructs us that in all of our getting to get an understanding and the more I pondered on this the more I desired understanding.
Going to the dictionary I found the definition of a keeper as a person who guards or watches; a person charged with responsibility for the preservation and conservation of something valuable.
This definition in and of itself spoke volumes to the position we hold as keepers at home. We are called to guard or watch our homes, taking up the responsibility of our valuables – our FAMILIES! Being a keeper at home is not a mundane, weak, less than position as some in the feminist realm would suggest. It is a position of authority that the Father has strategically placed us in. Supporting our husbands, training our children in the way that they should go, building our homes as wise women is a blessing not a curse.
Some have said that as keepers at home, or the “neck”, we have assumed a lower position, I say to that the head can’t turn without the neck. The neck is the muscle the body needs to uphold the head. It is a source of strength, support and relief. I also say the feet are a lowly position but surely the body cannot walk without them.

Getting back on topic, as I dug in and studied the meaning of keeper I was amazed at what I discovered. In the Hebrew the word or term keeper means shamar (shaw-mar), which means to properly to hedge about, that is, guard; generally to protect, to attend to. The Greek inference, which is what keeper in Titus 2:5 is based on, is phulax (foo-lax), which means a watcher (watchman) or sentry.

Looking up the meaning of sentry I discovered it to be a soldier stationed at a place to stand guard, to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons, to watch for fires, etc.
Reading this, the role of keeper at home become more refined and clear, we are also to be watchmen, sentries of our homes. As keepers at home we have an appointed task that goes beyond the natural, our roles of keepers at home transcend into the spiritual and it is not to be taken lightly.

When I examined the role of a sentry or a watchmen what I found was powerful, simply powerful. A watchman or sentry would stand upon the wall and keep watch over the city. Because of the lofty position they held on the wall they could see far and away, being able to easily spot friend or foe as they approached the kingdom. A key roles of a watchman was to be on the lookout for invading armies, in other words for assaults and attacks. When an enemy was spotted approaching the kingdom the watchmen would sound the alarm, they would cry loud for the King to hear. This alarm would set the kingdom in position to go to battle and defeat the enemy at hand.

Due to this place on the wall when the king and his army went out to battle, upon their return the watchmen were also able to tell if the victory had been won or if the troops had been defeated, Their elevated position allowed them to see the demeanor of those approaching before they neared. Knowing this they were able to relay the information to the rest of the kingdom setting the atmosphere for their entry.

Watchmen were also well armed and able to do battle at will. A sentry or watchmen was often times the first line of defense in protecting the king and the kingdom. As they hailed the cry to arms, they would fire their weapons with accuracy and power to fend off the enemy until the higher authorities arrived to take up the battle. They were well covered with their assigned armor, their helmets were secured in place, their protective breastplates were tightly fitted, their swords sharpened and ready, their shields were up to fend off the darts and arrows that were attempting to assail them, are you starting to get a picture here? (Ephesians 6:13-18)

As women, as wives (for the married), and as mothers, the walls that we patrol are our homes. We are assigned to be watchmen or sentries of our homes. The word assigned by the way means to be set aside or apart for a specified purpose. We access the lofty places on our knees. As we commit our hearts in an undivided manner to pray the Father will cause our spiritual eyes and ears to be opened. We can then discern when the enemy is at hand and sound the alarm. When we faithfully interceded for our husbands, our children, our families we keep guard of the valuables the Father has entrusted us with.

One thing I can say is as the more I pray for my husband the more I know him. I can tell what type of day he has had long before he hits the door because I am in my rightful position. Because I can tell what type of day he has had I am able to set the atmosphere for his return.
Since my heart is undivided and committed to his well being, I am I open to the leading of the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I am sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirits guidance in praying for him. Not praying buckshot, shoot ‘em up and hope for luck prayers, but praying strategically as led by the Father in the areas he needs most, be it for strength, protection or the joy of the Lord. I am a willing vessel well armed and ready to go to battle using the weapons of the spirit to fight for him. This not only applies to my husband, but to my children as well.

I do want to interject here to say, for some being a keeper at home would only be defined as a full time homemaker i.e. not working outside of the home. In the hour that we are living in this is not always the case. Many women are in positions where they must work outside of their homes. I want you to know that having to work outside of the home does not preclude you from being a keeper at home. You are as equally appointed to keep your house as the woman who is home all day everyday. And as sisters in Christ we are in this thing together, praying one for another that we may abound in the work of the Lord.

As women we have the means to be our family and our homes sentry or we can be their downfall. Clearly the bible says it is the wise woman who builds her home and the foolish who tears it down (Prov. 14:1). As well watered women it is our earnest hope and desire to be wise women of God. Building up what the Father has blessed us with. Building our homes with prayer, love, and devotion.
With that being said, I close with this; Ladies, it’s time to keep house!

Until next time.

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