Setup for the Set UP!

Ladies are you feeling like a target in your lives today??? GOOD! You have been targeted by God for greatness!
As I was working this afternoon the words “setup for the set up” kept dropping in my heart. I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking so I sat everything aside to listen to what He had to say. As I sat I went to the dictionary to get clarity on the words. As I read the meaning of the word “setup” and compared it to the words “set up”,  I knew exactly what God was saying!  You were “SETUP” for the “SET UP”!!!
Setup –
1. The way in which something is constituted, arranged, or planned
2. The gathering and organization of the equipment needed for an operation, procedure, or task.
Set  Up –
1. To put in a specified position; place: set something on display.
2. To put into a specified state: set the prisoner at liberty.
3.a. To put into a stable position: set the fence post into a bed of concrete.
b. To fix firmly or in an immobile manner: He set his jaw and concentrated on flying the plane through the storm.
4. To restore to a proper and normal state when dislocated or broken: set a broken arm.
5. a. To adjust for proper functioning.
b. To adjust (a saw) by deflecting the teeth.
c. Nautical To spread open to the wind: set the sails.
6. To adjust according to a standard.
7. To adjust (an instrument or device) to a specific point or calibration: set an alarm clock.
8. To arrange properly for use: set a place for a dinner guest; set a table.
For those who are not getting the picture; God has set you up for greatness. He who knows the plans He has for your life has arranged room for your growth.  He allowed certain situations and circumstances to come your way. You are His workmanship and He desires to be used in you and through you, you are His equipment and he has a specific task planned for your life. He has marked you for the setup.
After the proofing and the proving, the purifying and the testing of your faith, you will come forth as gold. James said, in order that we may be perfect, complete lacking nothing.  (James !)
God has set us up f0r greatness. He knew the setup would result in our being placed in specific and strategic positions, positions that honor and glorify Him.
He wants to set us free, to walk in liberty, while being stable, immobile, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord.  He uses the setup to restore us, to bring us out of broken and disjointed thinking by renewing our minds.  Resetting our thinking, our hearts and appetites.  He understood the setup would adjust us for His use, rendering us as a properly functioning Body. He had to deflect our teeth, some of us had a sharp bite and God had to soften it, readjust our tongues so we can speak and answer with grace and soft answers, yet speak with boldness, wisdom and the authority given to us by Christ.
He knew the setup would reset us so we can properly sail, so we can soar on the wind of the Holy Spirit, realizing we are not the reason we soar but it is only by His grace.
We’re being recalibrated and arranged to be seated in His presence. We can come boldly to His throne of grace…yes we’ve been setup from the get up! He is doing as David said making our feet like hinds feet and setting us up on high places. Glory to God in the highest!
Dear Well Watered Woman of God, let me encourage you in this, God is always looking to show Himself mighty on the earth and He loves you enough to want to show Himself mighty in YOU! He wants you to know He has not set you up to leave or desert you in your time of trouble but to build you up and do the miraculous and supernatural on your behalf. He wants to be glorified through your triumphant testimony. You may feel low right now but I promise you, you are about to be set high.
Until next time,

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