You look just like…

Growing up I was always told how much I looked like my dad.
I heard the words, “you look just like your dad” and “you are the splitting image of your father” more times than I can count. Often the question was asked, do you know how much you look like your dad? I would smile and nod my head. Truthfully, I had no idea how much I looked like my dad. You see my parents were separated by the time I was born and my father lived on the opposite side of the States. I had pictures of him and could somewhat see the resemblance but could not see that mirror image everyone spoke of.

When I left for college, I attended a school in the Midwest. The school was only a state away from my dad. On my first spring break there I went to visit him. The moment I saw him, I saw what the world had been telling me for so long, I looked JUST like my father. I was truly made in his image.
We were so much alike that it was almost scary. I talked like him, walked like him, moved my hands, tilted my head to the side, and even smiled like him. How was this possible, not having grown up in his presence, how could I display so many of his attributes and ways?
My husband didn’t meet my father until after we were married and I’m sure you can imagine the first words out of his mouth when he met him face to face. Yes, you guessed it; you look just like your dad. It would amuse him to see us walking side by side, or engage in conversation, he says it’s like watching a mirror.

When I think of my earthly father and how much I look like him and how much I reflect his image, I can’t help but to think of my heavenly Father.
Having been told all my life that I look just like my father, I now wonder when people see me do they think I look just like my heavenly Father? Do I reflect HIS image? Do I walk like Him, talk like Him? Genesis 1:27 tells us we were made in His own image – is that image apparent, is it reflected in my life, can people tell I am a daughter of the most High?
Am I leaving DNA evidence all around me that connects me to The Father?
Am I displaying His attributes and characteristic traits even more than I do my earthly Father?

When I smile at people do they see or feel the love of the Father coming through.
When I look at them do they think I have my Fathers eyes, looking at them with compassion, love and the joy of the Lord?
When I speak to them, do I talk like the Father? Am I speaking with love, kindness, are my word edifying, encouraging, building up?
When I extend my hand do they see the Fathers hands, am I extending the right hand of fellowship, a helping hand, a ministering hand?
Is there anything in me that causes them to be drawn to the Father?
I love the fact that I look like my dad, but more than that I want to look like THE FATHER.
I want the world to see my Father in me, to say she looks just like her Father

Dear Well Watered Women, I invite you to look in your spiritual mirror today. What do you see reflecting back at you? Do you look like your Father?

Genesis 1:27
Romans 8:29
1Jn 3:2

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